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Hand on the body ….
Every being on earth needs touch to flourish …
When the touch is warm, without expectations or indifference,
it is a healer of our wounds of “no love” to ourselves.
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Relaxing Massages

Want to disconnect from reality ?

Zen’ergie offers you relaxing, harmonising table massages, or sensual Tantric massages on a futon on the floor.
Based on warm essential oils, take advantage of a relaxing anti-stress massage to soothe those tensions and balance your body’s energies.

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Energy massage

For deep-down replenishment, surrender yourself to Marielle’s expert hands, as she offers you sensual Tantric massages to awaken your senses and your spirit.

The famous Hot Stone massage.

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy that consists of placing stones heated to 50°C on the body’s energy points and Chakras. The stones used are generally smooth basalt. Thanks to the heat of the stones, this allows your muscles to relax. What are you waiting for ? Give it a try…

Energy harmonisation

Are everyday tensions, stress, personal problems and emotional issues part of your life? What you are unaware of is that these things that appear normal to you lead to modifications in the energy within your body. 

Luckily, Zen’ergie is here to help you cleanse your body of polluting energies, and correct the imbalance in the subtle bodies, chakras, heart and conscience. 

Using a method of cleansing the aura called “Spiritual Angelic Healing” taught by Marie Lise Labonté, learned in Quebec.

Rediscover self-confidence and inner peace with Zen’ergie.


Incredibly relaxing, reflexology has experienced rapid success in many countries. Reflexology is the massaging of reflex points situated on the feet or hands. According to Chinese medicine, each reflex zone corresponds to an organ, a gland, or a part of the body.
Plantar or foot reflexology is a gentle massage applied to the reflex zones situated beneath the feet; this massage is the best solution for unblocking energy and combating stress and fatigue.

Amongst the numerous benefits of foot reflexology are the relief of back pain, improved circulation, muscular and mental relaxation, the activation of the lymphatic system and helps fight against insomnia.


Development of the senses in the warmth of the sauna.

The sauna is a small wooden hut or room in which you take a hot bath to promote well-being. The sauna is a social and family tradition that has existed for more than 2,000 years in Nordic countries..

Californian sauna 

Before the start of your massage session, Marielle suggests you to relax in the infra-red sauna (60°), a haven of well-being that helps you get rid of your stress, purify your skin, and relax your muscles to make your massage a success.

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Access Consciousness BARS & Facelift

The Access Bars and Access Facelift method are a set of tools and processes designed to facilitate a greater openness of consciousness in each of us. Consciousness is the ability to constantly awaken to more possibilities, more choices, and more life. Consciousness is the ability to be present at all times of your life without judgment being made either on yourself or on others. It is the ability to receive everything, not to reject and create whatever you desire in life – more than you currently have and more than you can imagine …. What if you were ready to take care of yourself? What if you opened the door to being all that it wasn’t possible to be? What would it take for you to realize how essential you are to the possibilities of the universe. – Gary Douglas-
Is it possible to feel and look younger?
Access Consciousness Facelift is an incredible process that can reverse the onset of aging on the face and can create similar effects throughout the body. If it is practiced repeatedly (at least 20x), it appears to be permanent.
Bars d’Access Consciousness : le Lifting facial

You are searching for a massage center in the Brabant Wallon ? Located in Waterloo, Zen’ergie massage center welcomes you for a moment of pure relaxation.

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